SezWho Sayonara

I haven't used SezWho, a new rating/comment system much on this blog. However, I have tried it out on my Buck's Ghosts & Hauntings blog recently.

What I found was that the gadget didn't do much to increase participation at all. In fact, very few people rated the posts using the system. Then tonight when I visited my blog I began getting wild popups asking for my "credentials" to display images from Sezwho. Now, I don't know if someone over there messed up and password protected their image servers and thereby broke the whole thing but the continuous popup security screen made my blog unreadable. I tried it on my desktop and laptop with the same result. Entering even my Sezwho username and password did not make a difference so I figured it was a problem on their end.

Anyway, because it was an annoyance to anyone trying to read my blog I removed Sezwho completely. After tracking down the code I finally got the security prompt to stop and returned my blog to normal.

So, with such a major problem that served to kill my blog for God knows how long because someone messed up on their end, I won't be using Sezwho now or in the future. Hopefully, they can get their problems worked out but any tool that has the ability to make blogs unusuable because of a config error on their end isn't worth risking in my book. Sayonara SezWho.
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Indus Khaitan said...

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We got few new servers and they were not even configured but the datacenter guys deployed it to the image server load balancing pool (we have bunch of other boxes running in the same pool). The problem was there with around 10% of our traffic which lasted for around 6 hours or so.

Indus Khaitan,

Buck said...

Thanks Indus for the clarification. Unfortunately, the problem caused my blog to be unreadable so I won't risk similar problems again.